Complete solutions in medium and low voltage electrical installations.

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Electrical Projects of Low and Medium Voltage, Commands and LPS

  • Elaboration of industrial and building electrical installations projects;
  • Transformer Substation projects and Medium and Low Voltage electric panels, approval with the electric energy concessionaire;
  • Electrical projects for classified area, according to NBR IEC600-79 standard;
  • Grounding projects and lightning protection system (LPS);
  • Electrical command and instrumentation projects;
  • Drawings of electrical boards, transformer substation and MCC.

Energy Diagnostics and Adequacy to NR10

  • Energy efficiency analysis with measurement of the equipment electrical consumption, tariff analysis,report issuance of installations improvements with indication of the necessary alterationes for an efficient, consumption and tariff reduction;
  • Measurement of reactive power consumption and power factor correction;
  • Elaboration of the technical report of the electrical installations and technical report of the SPDA;
  • Assembly of technical and administrative procedures and instructions for electrical installations;
  • Assembly of medical records (NR10);
  • Insulation resistance (Megger) and High Voltage (High-Pot) tests on low and medium voltage cables;
  • Transformer transformation ratio (TTR) test and thermography of electrical installations.

Electrical assemplies of Low and Medium Voltage, Commands and LPS

  • Assemblies of industrial and building electrical installations;
  • Assemblies of electrical installations for classified area;
  • Assemblies of simplified and conventional primary cabs for all dealer standards;
  • Assemblies of control and instrumentation systems, application of loop loop test in signal cables;
  • Assemblies of electrical and control panels;
  • Industrial and building maintenance contracts;
  • Assemblies and repairs to lightning protection systems (LPS).

Sale of Electrical Matters

  • Insulated electrical cables for low voltage (PVC and EPR);
  • Bare copper cables;
  • Circuit breakers, disconnectors, DR, DPS, contactors, relays, capacitor banks, starters and inverters;
  • Electrical materials for classified area;
  • Electrical and control panels and panels;
  • Galvanized conduits, electro tiles and accessories;

Courses and training

  • NR10 training, complete and recycling;
  • SEP training, complete and recycling;
  • Course Electrical basic facilities;
  • Course Drive of electric motors;
  • Course size and selectivity;
  • Course Quality tools.